Freshly frozen and high demand Puerto Rican products:

  • CHEESE DOGS – 10 units per box:

Chicken Frank with pasteurized processed cheese food wrapped in flour dough.

  • CHICKEN TACOS – 10 units per box:

Puerto Rican Style Chicken Tacos made with a seasoned chicken filling wrapped in wheat dough.

  • PIZZA TURNOVERS – 10 units per box:

Pizza Flavor Turnover made with a creamy mix of cheese and marinara sauce filling wrapped in wheat dough.

  • MINI APPETIZERS – 100 units per box:

Variety of mini beef pastelillos, mini chicken tacos, mini beef tacos, mini guava, and cream cheese pastelillos and mini corn sticks.

  • CORN STICKS FILLED WITH CHEESE – 24 units per box:

Cheese-filled Corn Sticks.






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