Finding the right food products from Puerto Rico—either dry, frozen, chilled or refrigerated—can sometimes be a challenge. We have dedicated a lot of time in finding Puerto Rican products from qualified food manufacturers that are ready to export to the United States. We have prepared a product catalog and a marketplace of frozen food products and dry food products where you can choose what is best for your market and customers. Just click here to request the catalog or request a quote below.

Frozen & Refrigerated Foods
We are the first company in Puerto Rico to help the local frozen food manufacturers export their products through a reliable and consistent service by consolidating their products into a container and shipping it to the U.S. Another service that sets us apart is being able to connect the local food manufacturer with possible buyers such as food distributors or food brokers that can sell and represent your product.

Dry Foods
We understand how important it is for your business to have your food products delivered on time. F.R.E.S.H. will work with you and our partners to make sure your food products arrive when you need them.

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