F.R.E.S.H stands for Food Refrigerated Export Service Haul. The first company that will specialize in consolidation of temperature controlled products to export to the United States as a first stage.

The idea is to help local food manufacturers export their products through reliable and consistent service. We believe this is the perfect timing for Puerto Rican food manufacturers to export their products because there are close to 6 million Puerto Ricans (diaspora) in the United States longing to eat the food that they grew up with.

This is an amazing opportunity, not only for them but also for US distributors who now can buy in small quantities (pallet size) to test the market and help our local food manufacturers. Not only for the well-known typical products, but also to buy new and different products that are appealing to the Latino market and the American Market, and at the same time help the Puerto Rican economy.

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